Isaki Lacuesta

Isaki’s camera is sharp, honest and poetic. In his stories we find forgotten characters (“Cravan vs Cravan”, “Garbo, el espía”, “Los pasos dobles”), the hidden face of great names (Miquel Barceló, Ava Gardner) and an obsession with the passing of time (“La próxima piel”, “Entre dos aguas”).

Two Conchas de Oro -the highest award at the San Sebastian Film Festival- endorse the film career of Lacuesta’s film career, one which includes, a director whose career includes fiction, documentary and art (CCCB, Arts Santa Mònica, Venice Biennale), as well as content for brands such as “Cerca”, his campaign with Rafa Nadal and John Carlin for Banc de Sabadell/SCPF.

Lacuesta knows how to listen, and manages to get expressiveness from silence. His merit lies not only in knowing how to tell stories, but above all in finding them.

"Entre dos aguas" - (Trailer) Winning feature film of Concha de Oro 2018
"Cerca" - Television campaign. Banc de Sabadell/*SCPF
“Redescúbrenos” - Television campaign. Tuenti.
“Los pasos dobles” - (starring Miquel Barceló). Winning feature film of Concha de Oro 2011
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