The Goroka style focuses on two almost opposing interests: the human and the wild.

Goroka’s narrative is not the result of one head, but three; Laura Tremoleda, Guille Cascante and Santi Baró. The complementary union of their profiles gives shape to their own visual language where the person is above everything. The protagonists are presented aesthetically with great care and detail. This results in honest and elegant formats that leave new paths open.  

Goroka has developed concepts and campaigns for Red Bull, Danone, Hewlett Packard, Nowness, Gas Natural, Primavera Sound, Vice TVE, TV3, MTV or Movistar, always around the axis of the story, the first-person experiences and the anecdote that becomes a narration.

The Smile of the Sun - Canary Islands tourism / PHD
Pure Pyrenees - Veri / SMÄLL
Dani Pedrosa: The Silent Samurai - Red Bull Media House
Portraits at The Edge of The World: Inside Pyramiden - Nowness
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