The perfect lamp does not exist

Behind any object lie the privileged minds who thought it up. Here we speak to the designers, architects and artists behind Marset lamps. But the real protagonist is light: what it offers us and how we can live with it. Together with Folch, we get to understand his language and trap the reflections of light.

Reflections on light
Agency Folch
Client Marset

Video presentation of the six protagonists.

Light allows us to see the world around us, taking care of light has a direct impact on our quality of life. This is precisely what this project is about.


Clip of Joan Gaspar presentation, product manager at Marset

“Light is a language that can help you to explain your culture and sensitivity”.
“You have to touch without touching. Allow things to happen.”
“What’s interesting is that with technique you’ll be able to produce emotion.”
“Beauty without harmony, without proportion, does not exist.”

I was fortunate to be able to speak to people with so much talent, who are so creative, and discover the complexity hidden behind such an everyday instrument as a lamp.

Ari Fleck, drafter

Artisanal objects leave remains and marks that allow us to imagine how they are made. This craftmanship humanizes them and allows us to empathize more. Many feelings are transmitted thanks to the techniques with which the product has been made, and ours are present in Reflections on light.

A great part of the beauty in our projects lies in the design. The order of the factors does not alter the value of the product, but there is one which often confers unity.

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