A Question of Character

To identify, distinguish and amplify creativity. (Re)discover. Know who is doing things well and giving them visibility. Character is a distinct look, a meeting place for authors from different fields.
Each week, on 33, and with the journalist Bibiana Ballbé at the helm, we will offer half an hour of current affairs and culture with a lot of character.


Promo summary for Character

Talent. That’s what it’s all about. Interviews, creative processes, some confessions and many ideas. On the street, in an artist’s studio, or on the terrace of a bar. An intimate tone, sincere and open to the unpredictable. We’re looking for naturalness, visual experimentation and we like when fate appears unexpectedly. There were no rules, but there was an objective: define in a few minutes a draft explaining why it’s worth getting to know that person’s work.

Interview with the founder of Playground, Isaac Marcet.

Bibiana Ballbé with the designer Mario Eskenazi and the illustrator Juanjo Sáez
Bibiana Ballbé with the music group vàlius
Bibiana Ballbé with the choreographer Tuixén Benet
Bibiana Ballbé with the producer Isona Passola and the actress Aina Clotet
The cartoonist Max during shooting.

Technically, it is a program that is both aesthetic and carefully crafted. It was a real pleasure to work on it. Moreover, I really enjoyed the music. Thanks to the live performances, I got to meet many music groups that I loved.

Carlos Baró, editor

Performance by El último Vecino

Making a cultural program is very interesting, but also great fun. Apart from learning many things and meeting people with enormous talent, you have a great time working on it.

Xavi Lozano, cameraman

Interview with the director Luis Cerveró

Music was an essential part of the program. All of those who made up a part of the Character team consider it a key part of our lives. The local indie scene was at a highpoint: It would have been unwise and nigh on impossible to ignore.

Miquel Serra

Character was a journey marked by the generosity of great artists, who opened up the doors of their workshops and their creative universe. An experience I will never forget.

Ariadna Fleck, script

“Success is when the client is happy. We are not rock stars”. Borja Martínez, designer
“It doesn’t matter if it’s nice or ugly, what matters is that it’s consistent.” Sara de Ubieta, footwear designer
“There are many highly respected people and that’s why we are all the voice of our generation.” Luna Miguel, poet
“I have the idea, but until I find the perfect way to tell it, I don’t start creating it”. Laia Abril, photographer

Character Promo with the film director Albert Serra

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