Pleasure at sea

When the SCPF agency floated this campaign to Goroka for Pullmantur, they convinced us that we could count on all the things we like most: a bold creative idea, a great team and the sea. Yes, everything was included.

1 minute version

Within the normal pre-production of this type: Reading the script, considering how to turn this into images, preparing a storyboard… There was one important handicap: the location was a cruise ship! And one other handicap: The cruise ship was in Tenerife!
So, to be able to choose where the scenes would take place and sketch them, we had to take a roundtrip to Tenerife all in the same day. Total madness! Madness, but great fun.

Laura Tremoleda

Photographs by Mariano Herrera
Photographs by Mariano Herrera
Photographs by Mariano Herrera
The moment you are sailing, teamwork is essential. Like a crew in the middle of a storm, we got everyone – agency, client, film crew, production, all of them – rowing in the same direction to take this “ship” safely home.

Guille Cascante

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