From BTV to betevé

Folch came up with the new image of betevé and Goroka took charge of the production of art in audio-visual content. Apart from the image of the channel and continuity, the documentary, La mirada imperfecta was also created as a witness to this new campaign. At the hand of six relevant characters, we walk the streets, squares and corners that make up the real Barcelona, the Barcelona it has lived.

La mirada imperfecta
Agency Folch
Client betevé

This Project brings back fond memories of my beginnings in 98 in what was then BTV. What I learned, what I experienced, and all the people I worked with, added to the experience of witnessing and participating in the birth of the new look for the current betevé.

Guille Cascante, executive producer

Channel guide (Folch, Norte and Goroka)

We developed a campaign of Brand Activism, a tendency that is more and more in vogue. Citizens want companies and brands to socio-politically position themselves. And Betevé has completed a brand repositioning in relation to the concept of Barcelona. Their look of the city is what determines their positioning and branding.

And what is that look? Imperfection as beauty. This relocation of concepts allows a lost legacy to be recovered in this iconic city, which differs from what has been done till now.

Rafa Martínez, COO & Brand Strategist, Partner Folch Studio

"It has all the ingredients of a Cosmopolitan city, while at the same time the proximity of a town."
"Barcelona is a city on a human scale."
"It allows you to take a look with more perspective, it lets you pause and reflect."
"I think the people of Barcelona have a great capacity for creativity and solidarity."
"Cities really mark how their people are."

But the Brand on its own is nothing as definition. We didn’t want a replica of an idea, we wanted an interpretation. We wanted to declare betevé not as media but as content.

And to show the whole campaign process, Goroka fit the bill perfectly. We didn’t want a typical report, that just showed a self-absorbed take, with nothing special to offer visually. That’s why we decided to go for the documentary, La mirada imperfecta.

Rafa Martínez, COO & Brand Strategist, Partner Folch Studio

Image of Continuity (Folch, Norte and Goroka)

After going over it many times, we decided to create a video that shows the new image in an indirect and subtle manner. We wanted to show betevé’s new look and portray the imperfect Barcelona, the one which doesn’t appear in the guide books and distances itself from the clichés.

I’d get up really early and lose myself in the city. The first look in an area helped me to discover details that had previously gone unnoticed in our ever faster everyday life.

Matilda Vidal de Llobatera, director and editor

Image of Continuity (Folch, Norte and Goroka)

Goroka was born in this city and together with her, has grown these last years. We’ve been able to witness its expansion since the Olympic changes, its ability to grow, but also its decline in its most exploited and impersonal areas. With all this, we know and experience its places, which make it what it is with its special essence, and that’s why we love it, for its imperfect part that allows us to observe it from our perspective.

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