Nobody said this was going to be easy

From DKV, together with OMD and the 20-episode web series Irse de madre, we’ll show with a humorous touch daily scenes from real-life families. Episode by episode, the comedian Sara Escudero will enter their homes to be amongst nappies, baby-food, wailing and kids’ parties. The best way to deal with the toughest part of maternity.

Irse de madre
Creative agency OMD / SCPF
Client DKV

I’m thinking of becoming a mother, but before taking that definitive step, DKV has allowed me to learn how to be a mom with other people’s kids.

Sara Escudero, presenter

Episode 1: Nappies

A funny, crazy learning curve on having kids for the whole team, not just Sara. Those days shooting were really quite moving, as we ended up feeling part of those four families. It was a real adventure. The Schedule, dynamics and rhythm were all adapted to the kids and it was an incredible  discovery to find out what really goes on in families. In this case, truth really is stranger than fiction.

Gemma Ferraté, director

We told the families that the important thing was to act naturally and forget we were there, and to treat Sara as a babysitter or a visiting aunt. Two cameras, lighting and the rest of the team enter an apartment for an entire weekend, so it’s really hard for the family to stop seeing you as an external element. But in the end, we managed to pull it off.

Xavi Lozano, filmmaker

Case Study for Cannes

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