All cats are grey in the dark

Night time has always been characterized as much for its magic as for its mystery. On betevé we’ll join the journalist and musician David Carabén to take a walk along the most intimate and nocturnal sides of the guests: characters from the world of culture, with lives that could be described at the very least as “curious”. 26 conversations in which the protagonists shed all taboos and go on to reveal the darkest, most open and revealing parts of their lives, and their nights.

Nit a la Terra
Client betevé

There are magical nights and nights full of terror. There are the sleepless ones spent studying, making love or making bread, drinking, dancing… There are nights with a full moon, Christmas Eve or Sant Juan. There are nights spent sleeping like a log; packed with dreams or nightmares. Tonight, is just another Night on Earth.

David Carabén, presenter and scriptwriter

“There are many ways to have a perfect night, one of them is where nothing happens, and another is where absolutely everything does.”

Miqui Otero

A transmedia Project, precious in terms of images, without losing the warmth and magic of radio, creating a curious intimacy with those interviewed, while at the same time being a highly unusual homage to the city of Barcelona, its special places and the people who give it its life.

Txell Bonet, scriptwriter

“The night has always held an enormous air of prestige over the day, as it’s at night time when interesting things happen, things that are not seen”.

Jaume Sisa

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