The interior of an automobile is an ordinary place
and at the same time a very special world.
An intimate universe on four wheels.
A space that can be as liberating as it is claustrophobic.
These contrasts make the car an ideal
setting for narrating all kinds of stories.
Six directors direct each of the six episodes: Irene Moray, Gemma Ferraté, Laura García Alonso, Roger Padilla (who also wrote the script for his episode), Menna Fité and David Moragas.
The original idea and script are by Enric Álvarez.

Shooting a sequence in a car is always a visual challenge. Tarantino, Spielberg, George Miller or Jarmusch have created iconic scenes in cars. Technical limitations force filmmakers to make the most of framing, script and detail, concentrating on the expressive essence of cinematography.

The climatology, unpredictable traffic and the complexity of certain moving shots were some of the biggest challenges of this project. For this reason, the interiors of Asfalt were shot in Plató Nou, a virtual production space; this innovative technology – used in The Mandalorian and House of the Dragon – has been a revolution in the film industry.


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