You can dance

It’s not just for ballerinas, anyone can dance. And that’s what this program is all about. Ballar is not just dance classes, nor is it a documentary about professional dancers – it’s not just about people dancing. We slip into the skin of those who’ve dedicated their lives to it; we talk to people on the street, who’ve found their way to express themselves. And with the help of the choreographer Pere Faura, we’ll show, to those who didn’t already know it, that life is simply better if you dance.

Client Televisió de Catalunya

Promotional video for the first episode: Dance and Feel Free

To be freer, purer and more authentic. Feel your soul move, your emotions grow with no need for words. Twerking, hip-hop, classical, flamenco, modern, ballet. All are weapons to deal with anything, which will turn you into what you want to be. Dancing is not just an art, it’s a dream, a challenge, a decision.

“What I owe to dancing is: being the person I now am.” (Dancing and feeling free)
“Every day I speak less and dance more. It has become my means of expression.”
“This is who I am: a happy woman, because through dancing, I’ve found a way to surpass myself “(Dance and grow)
“I can be wild, I can be bad, I can be sexy. I can be everything. “(Dance and feel free)
“When I dance, I celebrate life.” (Dance and Grow)

The nicest thing about this job is being able to get close to people from very different backgrounds and realities which are sometimes complicated, and simply talk about dance.

Garbiñe Armentia, content coordinator and script writer

Passion and work. These two words define the dancers and choreographers I’ve interviewed. People who day after day give absolutely everything to what they love – dance. And who with effort and consistency manage to create and make it felt. Does anything more wonderful than that exist?

Núria Bonet, writer

“Dancing you can never lose.” Cesc Gelabert, dancer and choreographer.
“Man is born a dancer and then sets up a series of obstacles in order not to end up dancing.” Toni Mira, choreographer.
“You can say so many things dancing, and they can be suggested, as having no words, it is all suggestion. And for me that is something really beautiful.” Lali Ayguadé, dancer and choreographer.
“I think dancing enters your heart, because it’s something you really have to love to be able to really enjoy.” Guillem Cabrera, dancer.
“Dancing is life, moving thoughts, articulating them to try to express with words and movement what I feel.” Toni Jodar, dancer.

Each day shooting was like the premiere. You realized that we were making people dance who had nothing to do with dancing, and their emotion gave us goose bumps.

Alba Jiménez, head of production

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