In July 1995 the owner of the biggest mountain in the Pyrenees was murdered. Known as Sansa, he had just won the case that made him the exclusive owner. The neighbours had been one hundred years fighting over this highly coveted property. Sansa’s was the third murder in a village of just 13 houses, Tor, on the border with France and Andorra.

The journalist Carles Porta started investigating the case after the Sansa murder. He along with two other reporters from TV3, Pol Izquierdo and Pepe Domènech, went up to the village in Pallarès in 1997 to film for “30 Minuts”. 

For thirty years Porta has continued to talk about the protagonist, and in the series tells the story of Tor and a place reminiscent of the wild-west: hatred, smuggling, missing people, buried treasure and murders.

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