A new era for love

Hooking up is older than the hills, and since the times when humans became what they are, the art of love has taken on various shapes and sizes. What’s happening nowadays? With all the technology we have at hand and internet like an almighty being over our heads: how can it be possible to hook up? Is there life beyond the bar in the pub or the queue at the disco?

Cites 2.0

Promo Cites 2.0

We held interviews about our guests’ love lives and sex lives which lasted more than an hour.  It was incredible how people reacted and how willing they were to talk about intimate details. On more than one occasion they told us it had been like a session in therapy.

Enric Álvarez, scriptwriter

Summary Cites 2.0

It was a really crazy and intense start to the program. To find people who wanted to appear in the program, we had to hit the streets and call thousands of phones. We needed a lot of experiences told. Everyone who took part made the program possible. Without them, there would be no Cites 2.0.

Alba Jiménez, producer

Episode 1

The result was a fresh program, in which all kinds of people spoke freely without taboos about love, sex and life in general. On the other hand, we had great fun putting it together and we did so with great care and love, which is clear to see.

Enric Álvarez, scriptwriter

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