A three-part documentary series chronicling the events surrounding a mass suicide attempt by a cult in Tenerife in the late 1990s. The investigators follow the trail of the group's guru,
the German Heide Fittkau.
The Last Day is a Max production in collaboration with Goroka.

The year is 1998. The police break into a building in the quiet neighborhood of La Salud in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Thirty people are arrested, including several minors. Only one person goes to jail: Heide Fittkau, accused of being the leader of a cult that was going to induce her followers to commit suicide. She denies everything.

In the various residences owned by Heide Fittkau, the police find numerous pieces  of evidence of strange practices and beliefs about the end of the world and an alleged visitation by flying saucers. There is no evidence that the members of the group wanted to commit suicide. Heide is released from prison. The investigators, however, still do not want to close the case. They ask the judge to request that a delegation be sent to Germany to find evidence of Heide Fittkau’s culpability. In her home country, the story becomes even darker than it seemed.

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