Hit the Road

Mapa Sonoro was our musical proposal for TVE. Using the format of a road movie, we travelled thousands of kilometres on the trail of, and listening to the musical panorama of this country. All musical styles, on extreme stages from Gijon, Vigo, La Garriga or Elche, and with the volume up full blast, we broadcast almost 7 hours of unrepeatable soundtrack.

Mapa Sonoro
Client RTVE
Bronze Laus Award in the category of Audiovisual Graphic Image 2011
Best Television program – Readers of Rockdelux Magazine 2010 and 2011

Summary of the third season

We were travelling by train, coming back from a meeting in Madrid, and looking at the landscapes passing by at over 300 km per hour. That’s when I had the idea: what would happen if we made music and territory get along? On that train Mapa Sonoro was born and we presented it to TVE.

Guille Cascante, director

We’ve tried to imagine how and how much the surroundings of each artist influences them when it comes to making music. After all this trip, what matters is the songs and what they transmit. The list of musicians we’ve seen, many proposing unusual meet ups, could not have left us with a better sensation.

Peret & Chacho

We were awarded for two years running, one of the prizes we are most proud of: Best Program according to Rockdelux readers.

Santi Baró, head of production


A picture is worth a thousand words, but if we add music to it, its value is unlimited. Not only do we love music but we know the value it has in context, be it cultural, historical, geographical or personal. Being able to make a musical program was our opportunity to show the diversity of styles that exist today, get to know the artists there are today in our country and the range of their talent, and above all it gave us the chance to experience it. And with a soundtrack.

Sílvia Pérez Cruz

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